The  women's  guild

On May 31, 1906, a "Frauenverein" was organized, at St. Peter's Church, with eight charter members.  The meetings were held monthly, in the homes of the members, and no refreshments were allowed to be served.  This organization continues today under the name of THE WOMEN'S GUILD.

Today the women say, 

"We are The Women's Guild and all women, of the church, are invited to join.

We meet almost every month, at the church or in a member's home.



women's retreat 2021

The Women's Retreat was a church wide event and 21 ladies attended.  What a joy to have time together!  Time to laugh and eat and talk.  The program was on stress women encounter in life.  What was discussed?  Sorry, you had to be there.  Enjoy this short video of our day. --- Hopefully more women will join us the next time.


guild christmas 2019

The ladies met at The Little Cathedral, in Roann, Indiana, for their Christmas celebration.   A good time was had by all.  Since it is often hard to tell exactly what is going on, a few elves arrived to explain the afternoon.  Hopefully, the elves do not offend anyone.  ----

                                      MAY YOU HAVE A BLESSED CHRISTMAS AND A NEW YEAR FILLED WITH JOY.


This is a very good picture of the ladies of the Guild, but it is not a typical picture of the ladies.  They rarely pose for pictures and are rarely all quiet at the same time.  These ladies are way too busy to sit still and  enjoy each other's company way too much to be silent.

The Women's Guild meets, at 7:00 PM, on the second Tuesday of the month, except for the months of January, February, and July.  They have a short business meeting, a program, and refreshments.  During the year, various fundraisers are held to support the Guild activities.  Over the years, there have been purse sales, art sales, and numerous  types of food served.  


  • Provide Upper Room devotion books - For many years, this project has provided the devotional to anyone who wants one.
  • Donate to Mental Health Christmas Gift Lift - This provides presents for those in nursing homes who would not otherwise have gifts.  The Guild has participated in this program for the last three years.
  • Card ministry for those in hospitals, in nursing homes, and recovering/ill at home and thinking of you cards to encourage those who need a bit of cheer
  • Visit shut-ins (home and nursing homes) to give encouragement and a cookie or small gift
  • Flowers are taken to those in nursing homes or shut-ins at holidays
  • Purchased cabinets for the new kitchen and blinds for Fellowship Hall
  • Purchased artificial flowers for the altar

The ladies, of the Guild, have meetings where they do a bit of business and learn through programs.  The meetings help achieve their real goals:

Serving God through their service to the church

Encouraging and supporting the congregation

Sharing in the joys and concerns of the women of Urbana Yoke Parish

Working, laughing, talking, meeting, and enjoying refreshments together