Welcome to our church family.  The goal is to interview a member each month.  That interview will be on the home page and then moved to this page.  This is a new project, so be patient as we find members that are not camera shy.  

Everyone has a unique story and offer gems of hope and faith.

PASTOR LARRY interview

  I couldn't believe it!  A miracle!  Right there in the church office.  I arrived to interview Pastor Larry.  While we were discussing the questions (Yes, he got most of the questions prior to recording.), Carla popped in to say hello.  The phone rang three or four times.  We were ready to record and I thought, "How many times will the phone ring?  Who else will decide Friday morning is a good time to visit the pastor?"

  Then the miracle!  I hit record and no one called.  No one came into the office.  No loud trucks going down the highway.  No outside noises I would need to edit out.  Yes!  It was a recording miracle.  

  Please enjoy this interview.       Mary