sunday  school

  • What image comes to mind when you hear the words Sunday School?  
  • Do you picture children sitting around a table?  
  • Do you picture older adults, quietly listening?  
  • Do you picture yourself asking questions, getting answers, and learning through study?  


Sunday School is all of that and none of that --

Children do sit -- sometimes.

Older adults do have classes - they are never quiet.

Classes are not lecture type -- you get to ask questions and offer insight.

Sunday School is a place where all ages learn through Bible study, lessons, and from each other.  We have classes where our young and elementary children are introduced to the Bible through Bible stories.  Scriptures are used with the intermediate age kids, to help them move to the next stage of growing up.  The older youth, those teens that no longer want to be called children or kids, learn how to apply the Bible to their lives and their future.  Of course, there are classes for adults, who have finally reached the age where they can decide what to study.    

Sunday School is for all ages and we hope you will find the perfect class!


All are welcome to be in this class, because we believe each generation can learn from those younger and older.  We attend Sunday School to learn and enjoy fellowship.  COME JOIN US!!!



Seven Churches in Revelation 2-3. 

  • What influenced these churches?
  • What were they doing right?
  • What were they doing wrong?
  • What can we learn from these seven churches?