Welcome to videos of our WORSHIP SERVICE or MESSAGES FROM THE PASTOR.  The current month's videos will be on this page. The videos will be moved monthly to a sub-page, which should make finding an older video much easier.  

We pray you find blessings, words of encouragement, and the voice of God in our services.

MAY 31, 2020

This is a month with five Sundays in it. As is our custom, on that fifth Sunday someone else brings the message. Today's message gives us ten reasons to be in church. It is easy to find a reason to skip church. Too easy. But what about reasons to be there? Good, solid reasons. Blessings.


MAY 24, 2020

We rejoice with grateful hearts at the remembrance of all the efforts made by our service people over the years to present to us this country we have. There are, of course, many flaws. But the good outweighs the bad. As we look back, we also look forward to God's blessing and our part in all of those blessings. 


MAY 17, 2020

Have you noticed how easy it is to slip into despair during this pandemic? Open your heart, open your mind and give Him the Glory! We are supposed to give Him thanks in all things. As little kids we sang the song in church, "Rise, and shine, and give God the glory, glory!" So, RISE AND SHINE!


MAY 10, 2020

Again, we continue to be in lockdown. However, the Lord has given us a way to lift up His name and proclaim His glory. Each week we have many more views of our services than we have people in our church, so people who would never connect with us are now doing so. To God be the Glory, Great Things He is Doing!


MAY 3, 2020

As our little group here works to put these videos together, it makes me think about how God is challenging us. At the start we really had no idea how to do what we knew needed to be done. It has been a learning experience and I doubt that the learning will ever end. We see the same thing in the people dealing with this virus pandemic. Not a clue at the start and learning on the fly. But, in the end, we truly do know from whence our help comes.