Welcome to videos of our WORSHIP SERVICE or MESSAGES FROM THE PASTOR.  The current month's videos will be on this page. The videos will be moved monthly to a sub-page, which should make finding an older video much easier.  

We pray you find blessings, words of encouragement, and the voice of God in our services.

AUGUST 9, 2020

We are facing some real hard times, but week after week people come into this church with smiles and joy. You wouldn't know that the world was in such a mess. All joy comes from Him and all praise goes back to Him. If your church does not have that joy, it is a church in trouble.


AUGUST 2, 2020

Are we, as Christians, losing our way? Why is the Lord allowing all this to happen?/ Well, He told us that it would happen, but He also gave us the the way through. Contentment isn't coming. Contentment is here.