February 26, 2023

We love the mountain top, don't we? Looking around and feeling God's presence everywhere. Seeing His mighty hand. Feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit coursing through us! Oh my! But the real work of the Kingdom is done in the valley amidst the fiery darts hurled by Satan. To the work!


february 19, 2023

A wise, old Pastor told me once that a Christian who always walked aro9und with their head in the clouds was just an airhead. We have to live life like everyone else does. But, we have reason to rejoice!


February 12, 2023

We first see our baby and feel awe and love and responsibility. But then, the awe wanes and the love changes and becomes deeper, but we always have the responsibility, no matter the age. Same way with our parents as they age, relatives as they grow ill, friends as their lives change. With responsibility comes worry and concern and stress. BUT, we are conquerors through Christ!


February 5, 2023

The history of warfare is filled with stories of amazing efforts by some to save the lives of their brothers in arms. We read similar stories of a parent doing the unbelievable to save their children. Often these acts result in the death of the brave one. We hear these stories and we are inspired. Are we so inspired by the sacrifice of Jesus?

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