January 29, 2023

So easy to get tired. "I have taught Sunday School and VBS for years and years" or "I have done so much around this church," or "this is my pew and I have earned it." But is this Biblical? Does the Lord really understand? Hmmmm.


January 22, 2023

A while back, my son blamed me for something that I hadn't even done when he was much younger. What he had done then was make a decision that didn't work well. We all do those things without consulting the Lord. We should never lean to our own understanding.


January 15, 2023

We are very sorry but the video for January 15, 2023 cannot be loaded to the website.  Join us next Sunday in worship or, if you cannot attend in person, please enjoy the service online.  Have a blessed day.

January 8, 2023

Many people want the amazing power of God washing over them. They want a surge of emotion, they want to see miracles, they desire the thunderclap of His mighty hand. However, considering that the Word of God covers a stretch of time of several thousand years, we only see these things occasionally. Usually it is more like the by-play we see between mother and Son.


january 1, 2023


We hear many phrases such as "action speaks louder than words" and "Walk the Talk."   What would happen if we turned that last phrase around?  Do you "Talk the Walk" ?  Do we talk about our walk with Jesus?